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Dharwad, a city of Art, Music, Tradition & Taste. Adding to the richness is a homely name, “Dharwad”

Dharwad line bazar TRU Mishra Pedha” which has depicted this sweetness for over a Century till date. Dharwad Line Bazaar Mishra Pedha has emerged as a TRU icon of ‘Dharwad Pedha’ with a reputation that is unmatched to the core. Dwarka Prasad Mishra, father of Harinarayan Mishra who is the pioneer of Pedha business in the Mishra family, settled in this beautiful place Dharwad, and started making Pedha’s to support his life. His three sons followed his sweet steps making this place more unique. Ramnath Mishra, one among the three sons has acquired greater skills in Sweet & Namkeen business and passed on to his elder son Devadatta Mishra. Arvind Mishra & Sanjay Mishra, sons of Devadatta Mishra, with rigour and energy of an entrepreneur explored various other possibilities to get the desired recognition to this business in North Karnataka. Now, the present generation have added professionalism, and has the vision to make the products well known and spread the magic taste of Dharwad Pedha and other delicacies made in our premises with the only objective to delight the lives of everyone. A staggering chronicle of a Century and still going strong. The care is taken to guarantee the right measure of each ingredient is processed to near perfection to keep consistency of quality, hygiene & taste. Over the years we have developed the right technique and process to fulfill the demands for the highest quality of products produced and are always adopting new technology and methods to better the process in every possible way.

While understanding our customer demands, we strive to maintain Quality, Hygiene and Service. Our responsibility lies in standing TRU to our patrons and hence we do not compromise on quality, Commitment, ethics and the faith in what we do, instils self-belief to give back to the society what they expect the most. ‘Business’ for us has meant the people who we’ve consistently seen walking in our outlets for years. ’Value’ for us has been sharing your every little occasion. Dharwad Line Bazaar TRU Mishra Pedha is proud to be the taste of your life. For over the years, through our delicacies we’ve shared with our customers, their joy, success, culture, tradition and most notably their life.

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Dharwad Line Bazaar Mishra Pedha has emerged as a TRU icon of ‘Dharwad Pedha’ with a reputation that is unmatched to the core.

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